Advanced Technology

The Morrisville Dentist pioneers incredible new technology to improve your experience. Advanced machines, tools, and techniques allow us to provide you with the quality care you want and deserve. To learn more about our dental technology or to schedule your appointment, contact the Morrisville Dentist today.

Digital X-Rays and Digital Impressions

Digital x-rays are sweeping the dental world. They make appointment times shorter, diagnoses more precise, and patient visits safer. Digital x-rays use a digital sensor to take images of the teeth which are stored on computer screens, instead of developed with film.

The digital x-rays quickly detect decay between teeth, developmental abnormalities, and other problems we can’t see with a physical exam alone.

Intraoral Cameras

Our staff uses intraoral camera technology to procure vital information about your smile. Not only will we be able to learn more about your smile for accurate diagnosis and treatment, but we can also give you a better understanding of your oral health.

Perio Lasers

Our periodontal lasers revolutionize gum disease treatment, making it surprisingly comfortable for our patients. Gum disease affects over 50% of American adults, so it only makes sense to make treatment easy for our patients. Laser treatment provides patient benefits like:

  • No cutting
  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Reduced swelling and bleeding
  • Decreased recovery time

Panorex X-Rays

An accurate evaluation of your oral health is pivotal to ensure successful treatment. Our panoramic x-rays allow us to view the full upper and lower dental arches and surrounding facial structures in detail. Our panorex x-rays give us information about periodontal disease, wisdom teeth, the jaw joints, oral cancer signs, and more.

Our digital impressions, digital x-rays, and other technologies help us help YOU. Let’s make your experience more enjoyable. To schedule an appointment, contact the Morrisville Dentist today!