Regain Confidence with Dentures

Tooth loss is a devastating problem with long-term consequences. You can reduce your risk of tooth loss with brushing, flossing, and preventive dentistry, but sometimes accidents, decay, or dental issues can lead to missing teeth.

Missing teeth should be replaced before they cause problems like:

  • Bite dysfunction and pain
  • Difficulties with chewing and speaking
  • A smile that you dislike
  • Gradual shifting and deviation of the teeth
  • Bone deficiency
  • Reduction in your facial structure and youthful appearance
  • Heightened risk of decay, disease, and further tooth loss

False teeth don’t have to be bulky or obvious. The Morrisville Dentist designs beautiful full and partial dentures that don’t look or feel like false teeth. Let’s substitute your teeth quickly and prevent the onset of potential complications.

All About Dentures

We firmly believe that there’s a better option than the uncomfortable false teeth of the past. We create our dentures with your appearance and comfort in mind.

Full dentures replace an entire arch of missing or damaged teeth, while partial dentures fill in the gap in your nearly-complete smile. Let’s take a look at your smile to see if dentures are the right tooth replacement choice for you.

To get dentures, patients will:

  1. Visit for an initial consultation with our specialists. They will review the aspects of your condition and help you decide the treatment procedure best suited to you.
  2. Your dentist will take an impression of the teeth and send it to a dental lab.
  3. The lab fabricates your dentures to fit you closely.
  4. You will return for your denture fitting and adjustment. We will provide you with instructions for caring for your new full or partial dentures.
  5. You can call anytime to schedule a denture adjustment. We want you to love your new smile.

Sophisticated Dentures in Morrisville

A few missing teeth don’t have to stop you from enjoying life! When you can chew, speak, and smile with confidence, life is more fulfilling. To learn more about our high-quality dentures, contact the Morrisville Dentist today.