Root Canals (Endodontics)

A bad toothache will remind you that a tooth is made up of more than just tough enamel. At the center of each tooth lies a bundle of nerves and blood vessels.

When you experience a toothache, the cause may be a tooth infection. If bacteria finds its way to the nerves and blood vessels, this inner part of the tooth becomes damaged beyond repair.

If the tooth infection is left untreated, it will spread. When it spreads to the jawbone at the tip of the tooth, an abscessed tooth occurs. An abscessed tooth may appear as a lump or a pimple on the gums above the tooth. An abscessed tooth may be extremely painful or symptom-free, but either way, it threatens the health of your whole body.

Tooth Infection Doesn’t Have to be Terrifying!

With modern dental advancements, tooth infection doesn’t have to be a severe health risk. Let’s eliminate the possibility of an abscessed tooth, pain, and systemic infection by employing root canal therapy.

Deep dental damage or decay can all lead to a tooth infection. That’s where endodontics come in!

Endodontics is a specialty of dentistry that involves the delicate inner nerves and tissues of the tooth. Our root canal expert can carefully remove the soft inside of the tooth to:

  • Preserve the exterior of the natural tooth
  • Restore function to the tooth
  • End pain and toothache
  • Eliminate health risks of an abscessed tooth

At the Morrisville Dentist, we offer powerful numbing agents so you can be completely pain-free during your root canal. We also offer sedation dentistry for patients who want to relax a little further.

Is Root Canal Treatment Safe?

Years of research proves that endodontics:

  • Save the natural teeth from falling out or being extracted
  • Restore a strong bite for proper function
  • Protect the body from serious infection
  • Restore patient comfort

Root canal therapy is one of the best things you can do for your health in the instance of a tooth infection. We offer our patients the latest in technology, and we go above and beyond just treating your smile. We care that you have a hassle-free experience that ends with a better smile.

Is tooth pain causing you concern? Schedule your appointment with the Morrisville Dentist today.